15 January 2014

Wetherspoon returns to its roots

Sometimes you have to go back to where you started to move forward, as JD Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin has discovered with his latest acquisition, the Village in Muswell Hill, bought through licensed leisure specialists AG&G.

“I opened my first ever pub in Muswell Hill and have very happy memories. It was the launch pad for Wetherspoon’s success across the UK. I’m looking forward to seeing a Wetherspoon pub in Muswell Hill again,” says Martin.

He plans to reopen the venue in July after investing £1.5 million in developing the site, creating 50 jobs. The freehold was bought off an asking price of £3 million.

“With a total site area of 907 square metres, an existing 470 square metre unit and planning permission to remove the roof from an old tram shed on much of the remaining area, Wetherspoons could either create one of the best beer gardens in London or double the size of the current pub,,” says AG&G’s James Grimes.

“Whichever he chooses, it’s an exciting project and an extraordinary way to go back to your roots. The potential of the site is huge.”

For more information, contact James Grimes on 020 7836 7826, james.grimes@agg.uk.com

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