29 January 2013

Search for sites with room to Bounce

It must have been a good omen for the founders of Bounce when they discovered that their launch site in Holborn occupied the place where ping pong (known originally as Gossima, then Whiff Whaff and now as table tennis) was created and patented back in 1901.

Like the game itself, Bounce was an overnight success, so the team behind it have asked licensed leisure specialists AG&G to find them further sites, initially in London and then in other UK cities.

“We’re looking for between 8,000 and 15,000 square feet with a minimum clear height of 2.75 metres and not too many columns,” explains AG&G’s James Grimes.

“And, of course, any site needs to have a catchment area full of would-be ping-pong players who also enjoy cocktails and food!”

Bounce is fronted by Adam Breeden (co-founder and ex-CEO of All Star Lanes). Partners include Alex Chesterman (former global CEO of Planet Hollywood), Ed and Tom Martin of ETM Group (The Botanist, Chiswell Street Dining Room, Pho and more), Matthew Freud of Freud Communications and Mark Sainsbury, owner of the Zetter and the Zetter Townhouse.

For more information, contact James Grimes or Michael Penfold on 020 7836 7826, e-mail jgrimes@agg.uk.com or michael@agg.uk.com.

AG&G are chartered surveyors specialising in the licensed leisure industry, with the skill and experience needed to value, assess or promote a property not simply as bricks and mortar but as a business. If it involves the price of a licensed premises, its profitability, rental value, investment prospects or value in a dispute, AG&G can help.

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